Whether you’re in need of raising working capital for new start enterprises or releasing urgent life-blood for your business (cash-flow finance), or releasing locked or stagnant capital you may hold in existing assets, SEVENTY ONE LTD can assist you in many different ways, all bespoke to your requirements.
Every business goes through good and bad times, regardless of the age and experience of the enterprise. We understand that at some times throughout these times of economic down-turn and life-cycles, that enterprises, large and small may need temporary and short-term rescue capital or quick bridge funding to take it through rough patches and times of recession.
Emergency capital or quick investment is not only needed in times of hardship. Additional capital may also be needed urgently due to rapid or over-expansion of the business or to finance unexpected, large orders; things that are positive to growth.
We see these types of financing requirements as good opportunities for businesses to bring on our funds that may offer more than just a quick-term solution or short-term loan. We can provide permanent additional private capital or long-term finance facilities.
In times where additional capital or collateral is required fast, we can provide not only short-term finance through asset-based loans, but moreover can assist the business is tackling the cash-flow or low capital problem at its roots and provide a long-term cure that will not break the bank in the short-term.
By providing additional investment through equity partnerships and offering cash-flow solutions and looking closer at match-funding (ensuring your short term assets are financed by short-term facilities and longer term assets by long term facilities), we are able to provide instant investment thus solving immediate capital short-falls and to provide longer term finance facilities to ensure greater stability for future years.
Each facility we structure is of course bespoke to our Clients’ specific requirements. Funding from €1 million upward with maximums depend on the business turnover. Repayments and Repayment vehicles can also be structured and are also bespoke to the requirements.

To understand these procedures and to receive more information, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please contact SEVENTY ONE LTD team.